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Sasha Vining

full-stack web developer

Recent Work

Full-Stack Development

 screenshot of Foliary, a full-stack plant care application


Full-stack houseplant care app. Users can search for plants by care needs; be recommended similar plants to ones they already own; create a user profile and track plant care.

tools used: MongoDB, Express, Node.js, JavaScript, REST API, Passport.js, HTML, CSS

 screenshot of Examen Apium, a Latin translation of the NYTimes Spelling Bee

Examen Apium

A Latin language word game, modeled after the NYTimes Spelling Bee. 500 users and climbing. Built on a Latin word database with 320,000+ entries, scraped and maintained by me.

tools used: MongoDB, Express, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

 screenshot of Certator, a full-stack quizzer application for Latin students


Full-stack quizzer application for Classics students. Users can choose from two different modes and track their answer speed.

tools used: React, MongoDB, Node.js, GraphQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

 "Coming soon" sign


A full-stack application for managing a pet care business. Users can log in, manage their clients, schedule, and send email updates to their clients. Built on a team of three developers.

tools used: MongoDB, Express, Node.js, JavaScript, REST API, Passport.js, HTML, CSS

WordPress / Web Design

 screenshot of Classical Association of New England homepage

Classical Association of New England

Site redesign for the Classical Association of New England. In addition to the redesign, we added a great deal of new functionality, including a membership and payment management system for over 350 annual members.

tools used: WordPress, JavaScript, PHP, CSS

 screenshot of Diversity in Dentistry website

Diversity in Dentistry

Wordpress site redesign for a nonprofit focused on mentoring young people interested in the dental field, Diversity in Dentistry.

tools used: Wordpress, CSS

 screenshot of Gifted Resource Center of New England website

Gifted Resource Center of New England

Wordpress site redesign for a therapist and resource center for gifted children, based in RI, Gifted Resource Center of New England.

tools used: Wordpress, CSS

 screenshot of Keane Sense of Rhythm website

Keane Sense of Rhythm

Wordpress site redesign for a Minnesota-based tap studio and nonprofit.

tools used: Wordpress, CSS

 screenshot of Goodness People website

Goodness People

WordPress site build for a New York-based nonprofit, Goodness People.

tools used: WordPress, CSS

 screenshot of Consulting Color layout

Consulting Color

WordPress website built for a Virginia-based nonprofit, Consulting Color.

tools used: WordPress, CSS


decorative image: branch with olives I am passionate about crafting accessible, mobile-responsive full stack web applications. The focus of my freelance web design work has been building homepages for small, local businesses and small-to-medium sized nonprofits. I love hearing about your organization’s needs and crafting a website to meet your goals. The power of a well-crafted website to drive engagement and donations to worthy causes has made my work with nonprofits particularly rewarding. I am proficient in CSS, HTML, JavaScript (ES6+), and React. I have also recently built websites in Wordpress and Shopify. I would love to set up a consultation to discuss an approach and platform that would work best for you.

I started my career as a Latin and ancient Greek teacher. When instruction went online in March 2020, then hybrid shortly thereafter, I had to change my approach. Suddenly, the design and accessibility of my digital materials became the single best predictor of my students’ ability to engage with, and access, instruction. Through a combination of coursework and trial and error, I learned how to make digital experiences that made students want to engage, and with which all students could find success.

Driven by a newfound passion for designing content for the web, I learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the tools that I felt were lacking during online instruction. From there, it has all been history. I went from designing web apps for Latin and Greek in the classroom to freelance web development. Get in touch to see what a perspective at the intersection of ancient and modern can do for you!

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